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anand kumar

shri anand kumar

Founder of Super 30

Shri Anand Kumar is a world famous and award winning mathematician. He's also a columnist for a myriad of national and international mathematical journals. He's best known for founding the Super 30 program - an IIT JEE training course that caters specifically to underpriviliged students in rural India. With close to 90% success rates, his course material is one of the most coveted in the country.

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Over 13 lakh students appear for IIT JEE (Main) every year, with the hope of being one of the 11,000 selected. This exam is considered one of the toughest in the world due to the enormous syllabus, paper setting patterns and ever-increasing cut-off percentages.

i30 now brings the expertise of the master tutor himself, Shri Anand Kumar (founder of Super 30) in an all new program that's available to all. i30's online learning platform is designed for convenience, one-on-one learning, best-in-class courseware and is the perfect tool you need to crack the IIT JEE.

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