The ex-Indian Army Officer Built a Live Streaming Service for Teachers

Post: 29.06.2018

The Big Scope

How Anand Kumar Manages To Make JEE Easy

Post: 17.07.2018

BW Education

Mr. Cent Per Cent

Post: 14.11.2017

The Hindu

One-room schoolhouse...

Post: 26.03.2017

The Globe and Mail

Super 30's Anand Kumar goes online to help more students...

Post: 15.12.2017

The Times of India

All 'Super 30' candidates crack IIT-JEE Advanced

Post: 11.06.2017

The Times Of India

Giving education to the less fortunate

Post: 26.03.2010

Gulf News

iScholar ties up with Anand Kumar of Super30

Post: 28.06.2017

The Business Line

Genius at work

Post: 14.06.2009


Helping poor Indians...

Post: 21.09.2006

BBC News

Hat-trick for Bihar's Super-30: All students make it to IITs

Post: 27.05.2010

The Times Of India

It's 30 on 30 for papad seller-turned-tutor

Post: 31.05.2008

The Times Of India

In a class of their own

Post: 11.01.2006

The Guardian

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