Job Description

i30 is looking to hire faculty that has over five years of experience in teaching for IIT JEE. The role will be unique as it's a step up from the stereotypical 'classroom' and into the realm of online education. You'll reach a wider, captive audience that can access your lectures from anywhere and at anytime. The added benefit is that you'll play an integral part in i30's core mission of providing high quality education to every IIT aspirant in the country, from the most rural village to the busiest metro.

We stop at nothing to ensure that we have the best faculty with us. There's no compromising when it comes to quality so if you feel that you have the skills, experience and are currently under-utilising your talent, we'd love to have you on board. We're a dynamic group and experts in our respective fields, united by a single mission - the love of teaching.


  • Should have a post graduate degree in any of the respective subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics)
  • 5+ years of teaching experience
  • Demonstrated potential and teaching excellence in the IIT JEE space
  • An interest in helping students challenge their limits and preparation of the world's toughest exam


Teach and develop new course material. Regularly answer student doubts and engage in on-going professional development.

Job Type

Part/ Full time. Remote working options available too.


Best in industry

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