One of the biggest challenges faced by engineering aspirants are competitive exams; particularly JEE Mains and Advanced. Clearing these exams may seem impossible. This is one of the reasons students join coaching classes. There are many students that defy this trend. This has been increasing by the year. According to a report by IIT Delhi, 52% of candidates who cleared Advanced in 2013 have preferred self-study for preparation compared to the 48% who had opted for coaching classes. Here are some tips to the trend defyers. May the force be with you!

Be attentive in class:
The first step towards trying to crack JEE without coaching is to pay attention in class. This is primarily because of the fact that this is going to be the primary source of knowledge. Paying attention in class sharpens your analytical mind and raises doubts which can be clarified later. This is better than studying the entire syllabus a night before the exam and ending up with a huge amount of questions than answers. Therefore, it is better to pay attention in class and get all your doubts cleared beforehand.

Self-study is your mantra:
Students these days are accustomed to spoon feeding. This makes them unaware of their true capacity. This is one of the reasons why self-study is not even considered as a viable option. Self-study makes you work hard the actual way. It does not come with notes, study material, etc. It requires you to do that extra little bit of research to gather information which might sound hard but is extremely rewarding. You get to learn new things in depth which will become handy later. You can study by yourself with the help of online ­platforms like i30 when guidance is required.

Know the test pattern:
The exam pattern provides useful insights into exams if examined carefully. Going through the exam
syllabus will help you learn the difficulty level of each subject. This will then let you know about the strengths and weaknesses and you can prepare for the exam accordingly. These insights can be used as a strategy to prepare for the exam effectively.

Question relentlessly:
Since you are on your own, you need all the help you can get. When you get a doubt, make sure it is resolved right away. You can approach anybody you are comfortable with, be it your teachers, your friends, relatives, etc. Approach the person you trust and you think might help you. The point is that you have to figure out who is your go-to person to help you with your woes.


Internet is the new library:
There will be days which might seem difficult without coaching. This is when you turn to the internet. The internet has a sea of information. It is up to you to use this information and add it to your strengths. There are public forums where students can get in touch with like-minded people and get advice. There are applications online which can help you with JEE preparations. You can also download study material online and make the best of the same. Self-study may seem intimidating and overwhelming. It is normal for you to feel bad about your progress on some days. There are plenty of applications that can help you with your woes. i30 is an effective IIT JEE online training program which is carefully curated with video lectures, online doubt clearing sessions and mock tests to keep you JEE ready.