Everyone could use a little motivation from time to time. It comforts us more if it’s coming from a role model or from a person who has been in the same shoes. It helps us to work more diligently towards our goals. We know just the person who can boost your morals.  We present to you a motivational tip from none other than Chetan Bhagat himself.

Getting started:

The secret to succeeding is getting started. Don’t get overwhelmed by the challenges in front of you – just start and confidence follows. It is very important to keep your calm and stay focused rather than wasting time panicking. Take a few minutes off of your day to practice meditation to calm your mind.

Do not compare

This is where most JEE aspirants go wrong. Every individual is different. Different people grasp things differently. The worst thing you can do to your confidence is comparing yourself to others. Getting worked up because of others’ scores will not help you. Rather, focus on getting the help that you require to better yourself.

Set your goals:

The saying, you are the captain of your own ship is very true in this sense. You have to be the person who has to set goals for yourself. This is because nobody understands you better than you. Set the goals you think you can achieve and work towards it. The results will not disappoint you.

One step at a time:

Once the goal is set, it is next to impossible to achieve it right away. A plan is required to move forward. Set up smaller tasks, preferably weekly and monitor your progress. Do not lose hope if you find yourself doing not so well in the beginning. If you do not give up on your plan, you will see the results, if not immediately but over the course of time.

The road to JEE is not easy. It is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. It is important for you to remember that although it is tough, it is certainly not unachievable. Do not lose hope if your place of stay does not have a reputed coaching center. There are many online coaching centers to help you, one such being i30. i30 is an online coaching platform that houses more than 500 video lectures from top-notch faculties and state-of-the-art benefits like online doubt clearing sessions, mock tests to make you JEE ready!