Getting into a reputed college is every student’s dream. The IITs always have a special place among the students. The JEE examinations conducted by the National Testing Agency is the one exam that students aspiring to get into the best engineering and architecture colleges anticipate, year after year. When you start your JEE preparations, you would need all the support you can get. The facility to enroll yourself in an online coaching program without having to step out of your house has made JEE preparations easier to handle, than ever before. i30 has always strived to help students across the country to ace the JEE examinations with full confidence. Whether it is for the preparation from the basics or to try out the mock tests, there are many ways in which i30 has been helping JEE aspirants make their dream come true.

  • Flexible online courses

There are programs crafted meticulously for students preparing for JEE. The course content is designed so as to suit students beginning with various levels of preparation. Whether you are starting your preparation more than a year ahead or when there are just a few months left, you would find the study material extremely beneficial. If you wish to know a little about i30 and how the programs work before you purchase, you can begin with the signup process which is absolutely free and then view the video lectures which would answer all your basic queries about the programs.

  • Tests and more tests

Besides the specialized video lectures, dedicated test series are available. The one-year programs contain plenty of tests which are set close to the original difficulty level of  JEE. These tests can give you a slice of what JEE actually is.

  • Seamlessly works on multiple devices

There is a sleek mobile app besides the easy-to-use website. You can access your account and your course materials from anywhere at any time.

  • Help is always at reach

You can make use of the several live sessions conducted. If you miss them, you can simply post your question and have it answered by our expert faculty within 24 hours.

  • The best of faculty you can trust

A set of trained IIT alumnus help set the competitive course material under the guidance of Anand Kumar. The faculty who create the study material and the test series have a wide exposure which results in the credibility of the programs offered.

  • Free mock tests

There are plenty of free mock tests available for students. These can be very useful for you to understand how the time would run in the real examination and how you can effectively manage it.

  • Easy to use interface

On the whole, i30 aims at simplifying the whole process for students. Whether it is accessing basic information about how things work once you sign up with i30 or accessing hundreds of video lectures, the user interface is designed to be simple and straightforward. Even the students who do not have much experience working on a computer would be able to easily start courses without any hassle. And if you are worried about slow internet connection, there is an option to view these lectures offline.

Most of the video lectures for the courses are made available in English and Hindi. So with the detailed study materials at your fingertips and with the plenty of assessment modules to make use of, you can get instant feedback on your progress. This is how i30 takes you one step closer to your dream.