JEE 2019 exams are nearing and all the aspirants would be in the final stages of preparation with full dedication and hard work. But have you put your knowledge to test? With all our experience, we would suggest you to put yourself through a test series so that you can be sure about your level of preparation. In fact, this applies to all the toughest entrance exam and not just for IIT JEE.

What should be your objective while taking a test series?

  • Testing problem-solving speed
  • Solving different types of question format (Problems with more than one option correct, Matrix match etc,)
  • Covering all the topics in the questions

When it comes to time management there are no predefined set rules. But however based on the previous experience by JEE aspirants, we would recommend you to follow the below time allocation during JEE exam:

  • Chemistry: ½ hour
  • Physics: 1 hour
  • Maths: 1 ½ hour

This is because you will find the chemistry section to be a bit easy compared to Physics and maths as it involves fewer calculations. Try to avoid silly mistakes, as this section alone can fetch you around 100 marks, provided you have a good comprehension of chemistry. Now with the remaining of 2.5 hours left, you can pick maths. Solve it in around 1.5 hours and then devote the remaining 1 hour to the physics section.

So, how you can improve your performance through the test series? Follow the below steps to get effective results:

1. Take tests frequently:

We would recommend you to take at least 2 tests a week. But when you are left with only a few months for JEE exam, take 4 tests a week.

2. Solve the tests on a set time:

Effective time management is a key to crack JEE. Try to complete the test 10 minutes before the actual end time. This will give you a breathing space in the actual JEE exam in case if you encounter any difficult questions.

3. Check your score:

Always check your score after your test. In the online test series you would be getting the test score immediately after the test. This will let you know where you stand in the competition. Don’t be upset if you get a low score, this will help you know your week spots and you can work on it to crack the actual one.

Keeping all the above said points in mind one should be able to make use of their test series effectively and prepare for JEE. In case if you are confused about how to choose the best test series for your IIT JEE preparation check here