It’s in human nature to wait for opportunities, hoping and praying that the best of things will happen. However, this theory doesn’t work all the time, especially when it comes to preparing for JEE Advanced. You are giving one of the most prestigious and challenging entrance exams in India. While there is a lot of difference between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, at the end, it all comes to your in depth knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

So, if you are one of those who at the moment is googling ‘top engineering colleges in India’ and have your nose buried inside some of the preparation books, then this blog is for you!

Cracking JEE Advanced needs one to have a very well-structured study strategy. The secret formula for top ranks in the JEE Advanced is the perfect mix of several factors.

Factor One: Aim High

Topping the list of entrance exams is probably the Joint Entrance Exam, the gateway to any IIT. Hence, to begin with you will have to aim high. Identify the college you want to join and the preferred engineering stream. When the end picture is big, the passion to get it starts to grow. It is this passion that can motivate and encourage you to achieve your ultimate goal; which is cracking JEE and getting admission in one of the IITs.  

Factor Two: Understand the Exam Pattern

To prepare for a competitive exam such as JEE, the most important factor is to understand the exam pattern really well. Though JEE Main and JEE Advanced are both engineering entrance examinations, there are marked differences between both. It is a well-known fact that JEE Advanced is tougher than JEE Mains. An excellent rank in JEE-Advanced will fetch you an IIT admission. Any student who is appearing or has appeared for intermediate exams can take JEE Main. The eligibility criteria for JEE Advanced however, is different. Those who plan to write JEE Advanced should have obtained the least cutoff marks mentioned in JEE Main and also meet a minimum board exams criteria. The cutoff score varies every year. JEE Main consists of a single paper with objective type, single correct problems. JEE Advanced consists of two papers with a variety of problems including multi correct, matrix match, comprehension types and much more.

Factor Three: Developing a Logical Pattern of Preparation

The path to obtain top ranks in JEE is never easy. While you are all set to face the awaiting challenge, it is better if you devise a plan/ strategy that involves the creation of a daily routine for preparation. Analyze your areas of strengths and create a study planner accordingly. While each of you have your own way of studying, you need to ensure that ample time is given to each topic.

The planner must have a timetable that reflects your own comfort and ease towards strengthening the concepts of a particular topic. This can be ensured by allocating customized time to different topics, on the basis of your previous understanding on the same. You can also spare less time for revision if you are confident about a particular topic.

It is all about playing to your strengths with your timetable. For instance, if you feel you have strong concepts in chemistry, you can probably give a bigger share of the pie to mathematics and physics. You should also ensure that while studying you are comfortable with the environment around you.

Factor Four: Taking Your Preparation to the Next Level

In recent times, online coaching has witnessed a significant increase in its popularity due to its multiple benefits. Additionally, a lot of students are opting for JEE computer-based exams since it is relatively time saving and interesting. Online coaching centers such as i30JEE offers you the ease of choosing your class timings every time. With the classes being delivered to your doorstep, you can seek online coaching anywhere you want.  

Factor Five: Practice till you are perfect

They say that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice. A mock test is a wonderful way to evaluate how prepared you are for JEE Advanced. With exams transforming to computer-based tests, taking up online mock tests gives you a fair understanding of answering JEE online. Mock tests will also help you improve your time management skills and give you an insight into your preparation level. The JEE Advanced Mock Tests can help you identify your strength and weakness areas, as well as see improvement between tests.

It is very important to remember that success is where preparation and opportunity meet. JEE advanced is not only a test of knowledge but also the spirit of an individual to excel. With patience and perseverance, you can perform well and achieve a top rank in the exam.