We’ve all been in that situation – sitting through an important lecture in class when our mind starts to wander, “10 minutes to the bell, “I’m hungry”, etc. This can be attributed to multiple factors, methodology, interest levels, distractions and so on. However, there’s a change happening in our education system. As technology and research evolve, it trickles down into our day-to-day life. Classrooms world over are increasingly introducing technology as an aid to learning. There’s solid research to back up the benefits of a more ‘in-tune with the times’ method of learning. According to a recent study conducted by PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), USA, ‘active learning increases student performance in science, engineering and mathematics’.

Students of today need to be engaged in order to effectively retain knowledge. Traditional classroom methods are being phased out to give way to online learning. With this method, one doesn’t have to worry about distractions, missing an important point or being late for class. You can learn from the comfort of your home or place of your choice, pause/ rewind if you miss something and attend (video) lectures at any time you choose. The (video) lectures have the added advantage of being more stimulating by harnessing more attention from the viewer.

So if you find yourself easily distracted while learning or are just looking for a smarter method to learn, have a look at i30’s tailor-made video lectures (500+ hours) that are designed to stimulate and grab attention. It covers the entire NCERT syllabus and is supplemented by frequent mock tests and personal analytics. Welcome to the era of smart learning.