Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” So it is all about the education system, it is all about the method of testing that really brings out the best in every student. Students today have a lot of exposure but how much of this is relevant and essential for their growth and how much of it should be counted as distractions? The question should also be answered while you are preparing for the exam that the whole nation anticipates- the JEE Mains. So if you are appearing for the JEE Mains 2019, then here are a few things to remember.

Brace yourself for the altered JEE system

Before you evaluate your study plan, make sure that you have your checklist of the crucial dates and the important steps required. We are talking about filling out the application form and submitting them, rechecking the uploaded images, collection of your admit card, booking your examination slot and finally, getting ready for the examination. While students are focussed to prepare for the exam this year, there have been a few changes that were recently announced –

  • The NTA – National Testing Agency would be responsible for conducting the examination and not the CBSE board
  • Only online mode is available this year and no pen and paper format
  • Rank would be assessed without taking into account the marks scored in the 12th board examinations

Keep yourself up-to-date with all such events that unfold. As the dates are nearing, there are no more changes likely to occur this year.

Get to know about the twice-a-year model to be followed from now on

The major benefit of NTA taking up the responsibility is that JEE Mains would be conducted twice a year from the year 2019. Students can choose to take up the examination once or twice. When you appear for both the exams, the best of both the scores would be considered. The exam slots would be available between 6th to 20th January 2019 and 7th to 21st April 2019. Including the 10 examination centres located outside India, there would be a total of 258 centres this year.

The time has come to start revising what you have learnt

For the exam slots in January, the application needs to be given in September 2018. So now is a good time to stop where you are and get a clear picture of how much you have left to cover. In your daily preparation schedule, make sure that you have allotted time for revision if you already have not done that. Work on your time management skills right away and start getting yourself familiarised with the online test format.  

Make the best use of the practice centres

As there have been numerous complaints about students having no experience with the online computer based test format, NTA has announced that there would be close to 3000 practice centres made available all over India. Students appearing for JEE Mains 2019, can make use of these centres free of cost. Students in rural areas and those who do not have access to computers, can take up mock tests for JEE Mains at these centres as many times as they want. Look out for a practice centre close to your home and start taking up as many mock tests as you can.

Bring out those old JEE question papers

If you have collected previous years’ question papers or books, now is the time to bring them out. With little time left, you would find that taking up tests can be a great way to build your confidence. Of course, if you feel like you are not able to crack some of the questions from these tests and papers, you still have got time left to identify and work on those areas.

Remember that this time you would be getting not one but two opportunities to prove yourself. So revise with confidence and ace the examination.