We’re always looking for hacks. “What’s the fastest way I can achieve something” or “how can I trick the system”. Since for obvious reasons, this post is not about tricking the system but instead, something that’s more in your control – you.

Here are five simple, yet effective hacks you can use to help you through your preparations:

  • 1. Unfamiliar scent – this might seem unorthodox but simply spray an unfamiliar scent while you’re studying. Then just before your exam, spray it again. Your brain will then create an association and jog your memory.
  • 2. Say it out loud – studies have proven that you’re 50% more likely to remember something when you say it out loud instead of reading it silently.
  • 3. Reward yourself – positive reinforcement is a powerful tool. It’s a tried and tested method of training. Set yourself small goals and as and when you reach them, treat yourself with something small.
  • 4. Teach to be taught – one of the best ways to reinforce what you have learnt is to teach it to someone else. You could even have your parents sit in front of you while you explain to them what you have learnt. This will embed the information in your brain and you’ll be less likely to forget.
  • 5. Take a walk – as mentioned before, any form of exercise plays a vital role in performance. By walking a mere 20 minutes before an exam has been proven to boost memory and brain power.

So go ahead and try these out the next time you sit down to study. We’re sure you’ll see some good results soon.