They say hindsight is always 20-20. Many students who prepare for the IIT JEE and don’t do as well as expected look back on their performance and clearly see all the mistakes they made. In this post we will discuss how you can avoid repeating the same errors in preparation and achieve the best possible results in the JEE.

  1. Forgetting To Stick To The JEE Syllabus

The JEE exam will never test your comprehension on topics that are not a part of the syllabus. While preparing for the exam, it is very easy to go off on a tangent and study things that are not a part of the syllabus. This will prove to be a big waste of time and effort. So make sure that you know the JEE syllabus in and out and don’t focus on anything but that.

  1. Not Following A Timetable

Like we have said before, preparation for the JEE is not a sprint but a marathon. So it is very important to pace yourself. There is no point staying up all night, two nights in a row to study and then ignoring your books for the next five days. Put in a sincere effort every single day and you will certainly see results over the course of time.

  1. Not Giving Equal Importance To All Subjects

Some students make the mistake of only focusing on their ‘pet subject’ or revising topics that they are familiar with. If you stay in your comfort zone, it will become harder and harder to build competence on subjects that you find tough as the JEE draws closer.

  1. Being Overconfident

Another mistake could be that you only work on maths and physics because you find it tough and take chemistry more casually because you usually score well in it. It is best to create a timetable that allocates enough time to all three subjects and keep practicing problems regularly, so there are no unpleasant surprises ahead.

  1. Not Reaching Out For Help

Self study is a very important part of preparing for the JEE. But it may not be a very smart idea to prepare without any support from coaching classes or study material. If you live in a small town where you don’t have easy access to high-quality teaching, or don’t want to waste precious hours travelling to and from a physical coaching centre, consider joining IIT JEE online classes like i30. An app like i30 offers you the best of both worlds, allowing you to study at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Using the i30 IIT preparation app you can reach out for guidance, watch coaching videos and follow a schedule prepared by experts without having to sacrifice a lot of time.

  1. Buying Too Many Reference Books

Many students who don’t enroll in a coaching class end up buying multiple reference books. Switching between different books every time can be very confusing and time consuming. We recommend that you build a strong conceptual foundation via the NCERT books and consult only a few handpicked books like HC Verma for physics for additional help. There is no point turning your home into a library by buying books like Irodov when you haven’t even become thorough with the study material you already own.

  1. Not Asking Doubts

Some students feel shy and under confident about clearing their doubts with teachers, others take mock tests but forget to analyse their results and see where they went wrong. Make sure you make full use of the resources at your disposal. Freely approach your online tutors using your phone via the i30 app and talk to your teacher to clear doubts.

  1. Forgetting To Analyse Your Performance

While you build a strong conceptual foundation, don’t forget to test your understanding by practicing problems and taking frequent tests. Timed mock tests push you to solve complex problems and closely follow the examination pattern of the JEE. With these tests you can learn to recognize and avoid traps laid by examiners. But don’t forget to analyse your performance after each test so you can learn from your mistakes. Looking closely at where you went wrong and making a note of silly mistakes, will be invaluable to ensure that you don’t repeat them again.

  1. Not Getting Enough Sleep, Relaxation Or Exercise

Make it a point to keep some time aside for leisure activities. Don’t avoid your friends and expect to study all the time. Get some exercise daily. Whether it is playing football or going for a walk around your colony, exercise can refresh your mind. Sleep is essential. If you avoid distractions like TV and social media, you will have plenty of time to study, eat and sleep well.

  1. Being Too Harsh On Yourself

While the IIT JEE is a very important exam, many students are not able to handle the mental pressure. It is important to stay calm and not doubt yourself in the lead up to the exam, so you can remember everything you have studied when you need it the most. Be kind to yourself and believe in your abilities so you can deliver your best.

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