About iScholar

Provider of on-demand online education & learning services

Bridging the Digital Divide Through Online Education

Founded by an eclectic group of technologists, educationists and social entrepreneurs, iScholar, seeks to bring out social change through the delivery of affordable, interactive live learning experiences by collaborating with subject matter experts in improving quality education best practices.

On-demand Live Tutoring Platform

Founded in late 2013, iScholar has spent last 3 years in product development and customer testing of its collaborative learning platform. The iScholar Learning Platform, an on-demand live tutoring platform, enables anytime, anywhere collaborative learning opportunity for students to gain knowledge in a near “in-person” experience, complete with customized study, interactions, assessments and remedial measures.

iScholar learning platform enables digital classroom services

A services layer is now enabled on top of the iScholar learning platform that enables digital class room services or live tutoring targeted at schools and colleges keen on offering online classes to its students. Through its interactive live learning and tutoring platform, iScholar also works with good samaritans, corporates, governments and non-government organizations keen on engineering social change through cost-effective education.

Vision of iScholar

To create a knowledge grid of the best teachers and learning methodologies to impart quality Education On-Demand (EOD) through innovation
Our Mission
Be a preferred online source in the quest to garner knowledge, satisfy curiosity and gain insight into areas of interest in an engaging and hands-on manner
Collaborate with best teachers and institutions and build a world class knowledge hub
Integrate technologies and systems seamlessly to provide high-quality interactive learning experience at a moderate cost to drive knowledge enabled growth
Stay committed to exploring innovative learning methodologies and continuously evolve best practices