3 Types of Students | 100 Times Benefit

  • Are you from a small town and don't have access to IITJEE level coaching? You can still achieve your IIT dream with i30JEE coaching. Prepared under the guidance of the best IIT teacher in the country (Shri Anand Kumar).
  • Are you already enrolled in a classroom program? Are you sure you can clear cut-offs in all 3 subjects? Don't get us wrong - many students get a great Physics teacher or Maths teacher but very rarely they get great teachers for all 3 subjects in their town/ city. You can use i30 JEE programs to strengthen weak subjects and crack IIT JEE by clearing cut-offs in all subjects, not just one or two.
  • Are you focused on +2 studies and don't find time for IIT JEE preparation? i30JEE is a smart path to success. If you follow our study planner and spend only 2-3 hours a week, you can still increase your chances of cracking IIT JEE by up to 60%.

100 Times Benefit

i30JEE's aim from the very beginning has been to provide 100 times (100x) more value to students who enroll with with us. i30JEE packages are priced with this in mind. Our programs are 10 times better than what you will find anywhere in the country and priced 1/10th of the best programs available anywhere.

IIT JEE Coaching Institutes Cost for 1 year course
Best Coaching Institutes in Kota/Delhi/Hyderabad Rs 1.5 Lakhs (approx)
i30 Online IIT JEE Coaching Rs 15,000 (approx)
Extra value from 1/10th price 10 times
Extra value from JEE course developed by
the best IIT teacher in the country (Shri Anand Kumar)
10 times
Value you get from i30 JEE 100 times

Benefits of i30

Leading expertise

Developed with Shri Anand Kumar and his near 90% success rate

Online lectures

Never miss out with detailed online lectures

Well-planned tests

Carefully designed tests to keep you prepared

Expert support

One-on-one query resolution and anytime access

Personalised feedback

Get personalised assessments and feedback

Learn anywhere

Easy access via a dedicated app and minimal data consumption

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